Happy Hour Joker and Barlympics join for the bar game competition held in thirty local venues in Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Tampa and St. Petersburg The competition runs from August 1st through September 30th 2011.

Grab this opportunity to compete in every imaginable bar game. Thirty bar games in thirty venues. This competition will determine the top 3 finishers in each game and the top 3 overall. No teams are allowed, just single players can compete. Players can participate in all 30 of just pick the bars or games they like.

First place winner per game wins a $ 50 gift certificate to the establishment which provided this particular game. Second and third place in each game win $ 25.00 and $ 10.00 gift certificates respectively. The top 3 overall champions at the end of the competition on September 30th will be awarded amazing grand prizes.

Cost to compete in Barlympics is only $ 30.00 and includes a Happy Hour Joker membership for 18 months. With over 30 participating Barlympics locations in each city plus all other Happy Hour Joker venues and all offering a special that is good for every single card, every single day! Just flash your card at participating bars and restaurants and get 2 for 1 drinks, longer happy hours, discounted appetizers, complementary glasses of wine with dinner or freebies like desserts or other specials.

To receive more information please visit Barlympics website.

Proceeds of Barlympics benefit H.I.S. K.I.D.S., Inc.


Happy Hour Joker partnered with World Poker Entertainment handling the bar specials program for approximately 18,000 Players of WPE, in connection with the Battle of the Bars and 5,000 Bars of the Tavern League of Wisconsin.

Happy Hour Joker started out in Sarasota, Florida offering its members food and drink specials from 250 bars and restaurants in 16 cities in Florida and NYC.

World Poker Entertainment – headquartered in Minneapolis MN, owns and operates bar poker leagues in Europe, Canada, Mexico, China and the US as well as planned upscale Las Vegas style entertainment facilities in China.

Happy Hour Joker announces its new partnership with one of Europe’s leading international tour operators Frosch Touristik International (FTI) who specializes in inbound travel for the North American market. FTI has about 10,000 partner agencies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland handling about 1,500,000 customers a year. In addition to travel agencies and a number of websites FTI also operates the TV travel shopping channel Sonnenklar.tv. The company employs approximately 1,100 employees worldwide. The headquarter is located in Munich.
FTI customers are now able to purchase the Happy Hour Joker Card before they travel to the United States to take advantage of hospitality specials exclusively offered to card holders.

Happy Hour Joker is a proud sponsor of the Bering Sea Brawn. Deck hands, Edgar Hansen, Mike Fourtner and Crosby Leveen are some of the toughest and most hard-working crew members of the crab fishing industry in the Bering Sea. On board the vessels Northwestern and Time Bandit of Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch, they are working the most dangerous jobs, always on the edge, fighting wind and waves. They call themselves Bering Sea Brawn and launched their own website BeringSeaBrawn.com where their fans can read their profiles and get updates on public appearances and news.

The Sarasota City Website newsletter has a new contest to win Happy Hour Joker memberships. You just have to have the right answer for a questions that is posted on the newsletter.

If you wnat to participate in future contest all you have to do is, go to http://www.sarasotacitywebsite.com/subscribe. There you can sign up to receive newsletters. There are great items to win every week, plus it is great to see what is going on in your community. The newsletter gives you updates on events, restaurants and bars in the Sarasota area.

Once a week we are having a “Guess my location” contest and the first to have the right answer will win a Happy Hour Joker Card. We will post the question on facebook at happy hour time between monday and friday. Last week Happy Hour Joker was at Monk’s Steamer Bar in Sarasota and we got a winner within minutes. Congratulation s to the lucky winner!


Happy Hour Joker is looking for Happy Hour Testers. If you are outgoing and enjoy Happy Hours – We want you! Contact us www.happyhourjoker.com . Please do provide your mailing address when you submit. We will send you a free Happy Hour Joker card for you to try for a whole year – all we ask is that you give us feedback on the program and restaurant suggestions. You will be notified via email if you are a tester. Enjoy more….